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2022 in Review: Celebrating Together

Whatever the “new normal” is, we’re likely in it. The year 2022 set us on a path toward stability gently returning after two years of uncertainty, and it also set Toyota Connected (“TC”) up for our next adventures as the company continues to evolve.

Case Study

How Toyota Connected Built Stability into Its Drivelink Telematics Services Platform

Redundancy is perhaps technology’s greatest friend.


Toyota Connected Leverages Twilio to Build A Faster and More Responsive 'Drivelink' Experience

TCNA leverages the latest technology to help provide more than 5.5 million drivers in North America with convenience, access to emergency services and more behind the wheel.

NFT Initiative Gives Lexus Performance Driving School Participants The Ultimate Digital Token Of Completion


Toyota Connected’s Women in Tech Pays It Forward

Shravanthi Denthumdas, vice president of engineering at Toyota Connected, knows what it’s like being a woman in a leadership role in engineering, on the outside looking in. She wants to make sure more women in computer science learn from her experiences, and more importantly, grow from them.


Toyota Connected’s Office Proudly Honors the Past, but Is Never Beholden to It

In 2016, Toyota Motor North America consolidated its main headquarters from Southern California with several other office locations across the U.S. and moved to Plano, Texas to do the same.

Toyota Announces Extension to Safety Connect and Service Connect Trials


James Nickolettos and his wild adventure from TC intern to full-time employee

You have to empathize with those who’ve endured in their educational pursuits throughout the pandemic – remote learning, remote internships, and the pitfalls of a tenuous job market following graduation. Taking life with a grain of salt and the anxiety of uncertainty is a tough way to go, but those who are persistent can find a way to succeed.

Case Study

Toyota Connected’s Drivelink: The Inner Workings of a Telematics Platform

In the summer of 2019, Toyota Connected launched Drivelink to maintain the customer-to-automaker services such as Automatic Collision Notification, Emergency Assistance (via a vehicle’s “SOS” button), Stolen Vehicle Locator, Roadside Assistance, and Hands-Free Destination Assist, among other features.

Case Study

Living on the Edge, Dreaming on a Cloud, and the Big Idea of Big Data: How Toyota Connected is using Data to Make Smarter Cars

In many cases, Toyota Connected is Toyota’s first stop for anonymized macro trends – Big Data – before those trends can be turned into technology. It’s no secret that data informs how cars operate and will more so in the future as they become more and more automated. For instance, a vehicle with a navigation system can see when a road turns using cellular and GPS signals.