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Case Study

Simulating Spot Instance Termination to Test AWS Node Termination Handler

3 minutes

D Magazine - Dallas Innovates Profile on Toyota Connected CTO Brian Kursar

Toyota to Build Prototype City of the Future

Brian Kursar at AWS re:Invent 2019 - Mobility Leadership Session

Case Study

Productionizing Machine Learning Pipelines

10 minutes
Case Study

OBHIVE: Deep Dive into our On-Demand Ride-Sharing Algorithm

We developed an algorithm, OBHIVE, to address the ride-sharing vacuum in Japan to aid an aging suburban population in navigating the city.

11 minutes
Case Study

Virtual Assistant Manual

Five hundred pages of an owners manual is a lot to sort through when you need information. We decided to see if we could come up an innovative voice interface that would allow users to ask questions using natural language to quickly offer up answers.

4 minutes

The Paradox of Zack Hicks - Lessons in Ambidextrous Leadership

Case Study

Digital Key

Consumers already rely on their phones to access smart home applications, make financial transactions, and even order groceries. Now with our Digital Key technology, drivers can use their mobile devices to remotely unlock their car doors, access a rental car or even test drive a vehicle.

3 minutes

Toyota Connected Engineers support STEM Afterschool Allstars

Toyota Connected joined forces with the Afterschool Allstars Program during a STEM summer camp.

0 minutes